High profile police operation continues in Swansea

A high-profile police operation continues to deliver a heightened policing presence to act as a deterrent to a range of issues affecting Swansea city centre, including ASB and shoplifting.

Op Viscaria provides additional, highly visible uniformed patrols to reassure the public and businesses to reduce the fear of crime within the city centre and to maximise safety.

Op Viscaria was launched on 20th November 2023. Under the operation so far, there have been:

38 directions to leave an area issued
66 arrests/postal charges/voluntary attendees
59 stop-searches conducted
9 anti-social behaviour referrals
401 reassurance visits to city centre businesses
80 incidents attended
Vulnerable individuals identified through the operation suffering with drug and alcohol misuse, as well as the homeless, have been signposted to the service providers who can assist them further.

South Wales Police have been working with substance misuse services to provide a safe environment for the delivery of supportive measures and key interventions for people most at need, in conjunction with partners from housing options and the local authority.

The additional Police resources are making a noticeable and discernible difference on the streets with positive comments being received from businesses, operational services and partners.

Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Lindsey Sweeney said: “We are committed to supporting the retail sector and our local communities who visit the Town Centre by working closely with partners to provide safe environments for people to work and enjoy. The additional high visibility patrols of Op Viscaria have been implemented with the aim to deter and detect crime and provide reassurance to the public and businesses.

“We will continue to use robust tactics targeting those who commit crime in the Town Centre, but we also engage with a variety of partners to ensure the vulnerable have an opportunity to make positive changes to their lifestyle.”

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart said: “It’s encouraging to see these great results from this police operation which we fully support.

“Swansea city centre is important to local people and to the area’s ongoing regeneration being led by the council – and we want citizens to enjoy their city centre as a place in which to live, shop, work and spend quality free time.

“We’ll continue to work with other agencies such as the police to ensure that improvements continue to be made. Our City Centre Rangers, supported by Swansea BID, work closely with the police and we continue to invest in CCTV.

“We want our city centre to remain safe and welcoming to the public.”

Russell Greenslade, Chief Executive of Swansea BID said: “This targeted tactical operation, strategically implemented to address the issues raised by our +800 stakeholders in the City centre, stands as a welcomed, strong, and decisive move.

“The enhanced police presence, supported by our investment, has already made a significant impact, fostering a safer and more welcoming environment in our growing city centre. I am confident that these positive changes will continue to unfold.

“The results speak volumes about the unwavering commitment of all partners to provide a safe and thriving City Centre.”

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