Organisations to come together to offer support and advice at launch of new hub in Swansea

ON Monday (Oct 2) more than 20 organisations will come together to offer advice, support, guidance and networking opportunities at the launch of a new hub in Swansea.

Swansea Council has teamed up with the National Waterfront Museum to create the Collaboration Station at the museum.

It will be open weekdays and is the new home of the council’s Community Engagement Team.

Other organisations are planning to use the space for weekly or occasional drop-in sessions – for example the police community safety team will be there on Thursday’s from 11am.

And on the first Monday of each month, starting next week, there will be a large drop-in event with partners covering areas such as health, well-being, employment, poverty and housing.

Other organisations will be there to support and also promote activities they run for a diverse range of communities.

At least 25 different partners are expected on Monday with people welcome to turn-up anytime between 10am and 1pm so no appointments are necessary.

Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Support, Hayley Gwilliam, said: “The Collaboration Station is the new base for our Community Engagement Team who are behind the many different free and subsidised events taking place in Swansea as part of our Ageing Well work and the work we do with other communities and partners.

“Monday will see the first of the free friendly and informal monthly events which will be a great way for people to access support on all kinds of issues that important to them.

“They will take place on the first Monday of each month at the Waterfront Museum and I’m very grateful to all the partners because there’s a really good mix of organisations attending the first one so it will be well worth people coming along.”

Zoe Gealy, Engagement co-ordinator at National Museums Wales, said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with the council’s Community Engagement team since they have developed the Collaboration Station within the museum.

“The new One Stop Shop will be an opportunity for lots of partners and charities to network and support the community with advice ranging from health to money issues, career support to bereavement. The service will be free to all to take part and attend and we hope it should be a great way to share information.”

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