Anti-Vax protesters target busy Carmarthen roundabout to make their point

A handful of Anti-Vax protesters took part in a protest today, Saturday (Jan 29) on the B&Q roundabout in Carmarthen.

Most held placards which contained slogans including ‘Why Vaccinate Kids?’ ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘No Vaccines, No Passports’. Some motorists honked their horns in support while some others shouted abuse as they passed by. 

Asking questions: Anti-Vax protester at the B&Q roundabout today. Pic Elkanah Evans

We spoke to a number of the people present and asked why they were against vaccination and where did they get their information from to support their decision making.

Questioning vaccination programme: Protesters in Carmarthen. Pic Elkanah Evans

Mike Chapman from Swansea said: “I see it as simply not correct. They are taking away all our freedoms, the Nuremberg code etc. Even if you go off the Government’s official figures the survival rate of this is 99.7%. This is not a pandemic this is barely the flu. I see it as world depopulation. These vaccines are damaging and harming and killing people. It is bringing into question people’s fertility male and female. I am willing to take whatever sacrifices necessary. The freedoms we give up today the freedoms our children will never know existed will never be given back. We have to fight for these otherwise they will be gone forever.”

Question over NHS staff: A protester at the B&Q roundabout. Pic Elkanah Evans
Contemporary: One of the questions on a placard. Pic Elkanah Evans

Cat said: “We get our information from the Government’s own yellow card system resources. If you look in there you will see there are over 1,800 deaths from the vaccine they are admitting. There are over a million adverse reactions. Those adverse reactions are not being investigated by the government or the MHRA. You can go on the MHRA’s own yellow card reporting system. I have not been vaccinated and I would not be vaccinated with this because it is on trial until 2023 and then they are supposed to have a look at the statistics. They can’t compare between vaccinated and unvaccinated because they got rid of the placebo groups. If vaccines work they work you will not get Covid or Omicron.”

When asked whether he was vaccinated and where he got his information from one of the protestors Ross said: “They are dying of a poisonous jab. I have not been vaccinated. I love life. I have seen this coming years ago. It is depopulating the world.”


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