Works complete on Carmarthen’s Blue Street Bus Station

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Carmarthen Bus Station Improvement Scheme, a transformative project aimed at enhancing public transportation infrastructure and improving the accessibility of Carmarthen Town for residents and visitors.


The comprehensive improvement scheme, funded by the Welsh Government Local Transport Fund grant, demonstrates the Council’s commitment to providing a high-quality public transport experience for residents and visitors alike. The funds were awarded through a National competitive bidding process, and are designated solely for the purpose of public transport infrastructure improvements.


Users of the bus station will now benefit from the widening of the Blue Street bay, as the expansion provides additional space for waiting and alighting passengers, This will reduce pedestrian and passenger congestion and ensure a safer and more accessible environment.

Brand new high specification shelters with sustainable green roof systems have been erected at every bay, whilst trees have been relocated within the street to enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.


Each bay has been fitted with new shelters along with electronic passenger information screens to provide real-time updates for passengers, in addition to this large passenger information screens have been installed at the north and south entry points of the bus station.


Complementing these improvements is the introduction of a raised crossing point and safety railings to improve pedestrian safety at the bottom end of Blue Street, directing pedestrian flow to the opposite side of the road and thereby increasing footfall along Blue Street shop frontages, thereby contributing to the economic vitality of local businesses.


The aims of the project align with Carmarthenshire County Council’s Well-being Objective 2 – to enable its residents to live and age well, and Well-being Objective 3 – to enable its communities and environment to be healthy, safe, and prosperous.


The scheme ensures that Carmarthen Bus Station will provide a high-quality public transport offering to residents and visitors of the town and county, and enhance the integration between bus, rail, and active travel.


Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services – Cllr Edward Thomas said: “This modern and upgraded bus station is a wonderful gateway into Carmarthen Town and provides a safe, attractive and accessible bus station to passengers with readily available service information.


“The County Council would like to extend its gratitude to local businesses for their patience and support during works. It is our hope that the benefits of improved transport facilities and the enhanced streetscape will be enjoyed by the community for years to come.

“I would also like to thank the local councillors, representing the Carmarthen Town ward, for ensuring that the concerns of local businesses were effectively communicated to the project team.”

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