Rural communities encouraged to apply for funding

Carmarthenshire Council are calling on rural communities, from across Carmarthenshire, to apply for funding to assist pre-existing schemes or establish new projects that will provide much-needed support to residents over the winter months.

To apply for funding please visit the Poverty Fund page. [2]

The cost-of-living crisis, and in particular rising energy costs, is a very real problem and concern for everybody, with many people contemplating how they will afford to heat their homes to stay warm.

Recognising that keeping the heating on all day, or even for part of the day, will become increasingly difficult for many of its residents, Carmarthenshire County Council is making money available, from its Poverty Fund, for towns and villages to facilitate warm welcome spaces within their local areas.

Being able to buy food is another major concern for many of our residents, due to its increasing cost. To this end, the Poverty Fund can also be utilised by rural communities to help those most in need in their area. Funding can be provided to run social supermarkets or community shops, mobile cooking schools and growing projects – to develop and strengthen food partnerships.

There is no exhaustive list of activities that qualify for funding from the Poverty Fund, as the Council is encouraging applicants to be creative in the initiatives that they provide to their communities. Other possible schemes that communities may consider providing are fuel clubs, to create fuel syndicates that will empower communities to buy oil in bulk and share the savings; or setting up community cafés to provide local people of all ages with an opportunity to meet and socialise, in order to combat social isolation.

Organisations can apply for a maximum of £10,000 and a minimum of £1,000.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet lead Cllr. Linda Evans said: “The closing date to apply for funding from the Poverty Fund is November 18, and communities from across Carmarthenshire can apply for anything between £1,000 and £10,000.

“I would especially like to appeal to our rural communities to apply for funding from this fund. Local organisations and community groups know their own area better than anybody else and they, themselves, will know what type of activity or initiative would best benefit the needs of their area.

“Current local initiatives such as food banks, community luncheons, sports or social groups hosting events and, or, serving refreshments can apply for funding. But we are also encouraging communities to think creatively about the type of events that can provide a warm and welcoming space for those most in need in their communities over the winter months.”

A total of £230,,000 is being made available through Carmarthenshire County Council’s Poverty Fund which is funded by the Welsh Government’s Discretionary Fund and other Welsh Government funding schemes.

For information on the fund please contact the Bureau on 01269 590216 or
via e-mail: or visit the Poverty Fund page
on Carmarthenshire County Council website.

Applications must be submitted to

Closing date for applications: November 18 2022.

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