Record profits, high interest rates and soaring energy bills

Record profits for Shell will be good news for some who stand to benefit from bonuses and share prices with shareholders standing to gain £5bn in total. £32 billion pounds is an unimaginable amount for the majority of people, and a sum, which would solve a number of the main issues affecting the most vulnerable in society.

An undercover Times reporter has exposed  a debt collecting company working for British Gas illegally fitting pre payed meters in the homes of vulnerable people.

Water bills are also set to rise to the highest point in history. Interest rates are  at the highest level in forty years. The results could be disastrous for many with mortgages, credit cards and loans.

It is easy to see why so many people are worried and without hope. If one is fortunate enough to have a well paid job, a secure home and a supportive family and group of friends then one can weather the storm. That will not be the case for so many people facing incredible hardship. For them there will be a struggle and dark times.

A candle of light and hope for family and friends

This evening I attended a candle mass at my local church where local school children gave a musical performance. The vicar gave an explanation about the importance of light and hope. He asked us to think of those in darkness, those suffering and to offer our own light and hope by way of friendship and care. The vicar reminded us all that none of us are perfect.

The church itself looked beautiful with the most subtle amount of light illuminating the darkness. There was a magical moment at the end of the service where all the candles were lit and the lights of the church were turned off. As we headed out of the church towards home the frustration and anger over world events waned with thoughts firmly turned towards the important things in life, family and friends, light and hope.


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