Welsh Lib Dems set their priorities to new First Minister

Today (16th April 2024) in the Senedd, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have set their priorities to the new First Minister.

In a speech to the Siambr, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS urged the new FM Vaughan Gething to show more initiative in his vision for Wales.

Jane Dodds has also called on the new FM to be more ambitious in his approach to resolving issues in the healthcare system, as well as in addressing environmental concerns and rising levels of child poverty.

Commenting, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

“I appreciate the First Minister outlining his vision for Wales, but I’m afraid this vision is lacking any sort of initiative.

In this pivotal moment what the Welsh public need the most from their new government is hope, hope for the future of Wales; hope for a health service that meets their needs, hope for our environment and hope for children living in poverty

The people of Wales need a First Minister who is willing and able to deliver a better healthcare system, a bold stance on protecting our environment and a relief for our poorest children and families suffering unacceptable levels of poverty.

No more missed targets when it comes to reducing lengthy waiting times and chronic staffing shortages.

No more delays in delivering desperately needed dental care reform.

No more empty rhetoric about a “Green Industrial Revolution” that rings hollow while constituent fears over coal expansion and river pollution continue to fall on closed ears.

On poverty the statistics speak for themselves, 21% of our population and an unacceptable 28% of our children continue to live in deprivation, a true moral stain.

We need a whole government approach that includes targets and a desire to expand affordable and accessible childcare, to provide hope for a brighter future for families.

We as a nation cannot carry on with the same old “steady as she goes approach” given to us by countless Labour governments, we need ambition, and we need change.

My call to the First Minister is this, is he willing to be ambitious and deliver this change?”


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