Former naval man is Gwlad candidate for Elli ward

A former naval man is standing for election for the Elli Ward in Llanelli.

Wayne Erasmus was brought up in Loughor and Joined the Merchant Navy at 17 as an Engineering Cadet Rising to the Rank of Chief Engineer.

Wayne said: “My last role involved the Construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

“I have lived in Hendy for 35 years, during that time I started Hendy Junior Football and was involved with the Carmarthenshire league, In 2017 I and two others organised, and fought for the survival of grassroots sports in the Llanelli area as Labour, Plaid Cymru and the
independents wanted to charge £125 per game of football on Parc-y-Dre and Pen-y-Gaer.

Wayne went on to say: “We were successful in Holding Carmarthen County Council (CCC) to £40 per Game. I got involved with the Stradey Hotel issue, delivering trays of doughnuts and sticky buns to the protesters at the beginning. The lack of consultation by the government fuelled the situation, and I was very disappointed with the involvement of a few thugs who gave Llanelli a bad name.

Wayne spoke about his family life in Llanelli saying: “My children have grown up and left home, and three of my grandchildren live in the Elli ward. On a local level car parking outside some houses in the Elli Ward is an issue. Whilst CCC states that some roads have rear access not all do, the garages and rear access were built for cars of a bygone era and today’s cars are much larger. CCC needs to consider using their car parks in the Elli Ward for use by the residents Since there is ample spare capacity.

Wayne is standing under the Gwlad banner and says of the party: “On a national level, Gwlad has had enough of the dictatorship of the two-party system (Conservative and Labour) in Westminster and the Dictatorship and arrogance in the Senedd, of Labour and Plaid Cymru. This Kakistocracy is not good for Wales. Riding roughshod over the electorate in the 20 mph policy and failing the farmers, threatening to increase the cost of food to our households. Whilst labour carries the can, the Policy was written by Plaid Cymru as well. In 2021 Plaid Cymru boasted of the written farming policy, Typically they have now forgotten their part in both the agricultural and 20 mph policy. It’s Time for change, It’s Time for Gwlad, Vote Gwlad.”

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