Llanelli public park turned into sex and drugs den complete with Val Doonican’s music

Special report By Ron Cant

DRUG fueled night-time and weekend sex parties on council land just off a main Llanelli street are staggering passers-by.

A commune of more than 20, aged between 12 to 40-years, flock to the encampment on land between Old Castle Pond and Old Castle Road nightly.
Sinisterly, there is evidence they have been barbecuing wildfowl taken from the adjacent pond. Feathers, ducks heads and webbed feet have been found in council food waste bins on the site mixed with used condoms.

The camp is littered with drug paraphernalia, sex aids, random furniture and even a Heath Robinson flushing porcelain toilet. Electric light fittings hang from the trees.

Black drug boxes with needles, pipes, burning dishes and acid tabs litter encampment.

Tents first appeared at the site over the summer occupied by drug users openly inoculating one another in public view.

The site has mushroomed with unwanted furniture that had been put out in back lanes for council collection by residents from Old Castle Road, Princess Street and Brynmor Road. It’s all been hijacked and recycled by the commune to set up home on half-an-acre of land in and around trees off Old Castle Road. A ready-to-fire wood fuelled barbecue is set daily.


The encampment is within 400 yards and in full view of the Christmas party lounge venue of the Selwyn Samuel Centre and just 500-yards from Llanelli Police Station.

Most weekends park runners, kiddie races and council events occupy contiguous land and thousands more regularly use the Sustrans cycle and footpath running alongside the hijacked site.

The commune have taped and sealed off their encampment using council barriers and removing nearby roadworks barriers in an attempt to keep members of the public at bay.

Dog walkers and passers-by have been threatened to keep away by the campsite community.

One dog walker, who asked not to be named said: “I was with my grandchildren who ran off to play in the trees last weekend. They came running back to tell me they’d been told to ‘F— off.’

“When I went to see what was happening there was a scantily clad woman aged about 30 on her back in a tent with three teenage boys. She seemed to be out of it. She had a tourniquet strap round an arm and one of the teenage boys was in the act of inoculating her.
“I challenged them and said I was calling the police. One arrogantly replied: ‘Carry on a-hole. The Wallich and the police gave us the tents. They know where we are!”

Carmarthenshire council’s environment department have received complaints this week and suggested it was a police matter. They have now suggested a council team will clear the mess in five days.”

Brynmor-Road resident Gillian Grey walks her dogs round Peoples’ Park and Old castle Road several times a day. I have had to stop going there once it gets dark. There is quite a crowd there and it is intimidating.

“They obviously plan to be there long term. They have even got a Christmas tree up.”

Regular park walker John Harvey from Llanerch said: “It is unbelievable. They have got a working toilet flushing human excrement waste directly into the ground. There’s a makeshift water tank in the tree connected up with Hoover hoses. Toilet paper and lined bins are in use alongside and they have a security safe filled with hundreds of black and blue bags. There is a linen hanging wardrobe in a tree that had various shoes in it one day.

“Human waste and cooking waste is also being transported on a kiddies’ sledge and dumped in a hole with a shovel alongside under the canopy of a tree.

“There are lights in the trees, washing lines hanging from branches, an ironing board and tables and chairs and several folding camp beds.
“There’s a mountain of tarpaulins that must be to ward off the cold and rain and the funniest thing of all … about 50 Val Doonican and similar artistes 78 vinyl records and their covers are littered about the site.”

Mr Harvey said someone had ridiculously suggested on-line it was ‘only kids having fun’.

“The people I have seen here range from 12 to 40-years and one woman had a kid in a pram. They only seem to be about in the day at weekends. But they are there every night whatever the weather.

“I’m staggered this abuse of the community can happen at the heart of the Llanelli’s amenities,” he added.

It appears the revellers are not illiterate and may have people who kindly donate items on their shopping list.

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