£150k cheque given to Christian Aid

The Presbyterian Church of Wales (PCW) has given £150k to Christian Aid during its General Assembly in Carmarthen. The amount was raised by members of the PCW as well as the general public.


The donation was the conclusion of PCW’s Seeds of Hope Appeal, focusing on Christian Aid’s work on climate change and climate justice.


Receiving the cheque, Andrew Sully, interim head of Christian Aid Wales said: ‘This wonderful gift represents the sense of fairness and justice that we encounter in Wales. Our relationship with PCW is very deep and this money will enable us to play our part in raising awareness about climate change and the global injustice connected with it. It’s scandalous that whilst the world’s rich nations question their commitments to stop polluting the natural world, the poor of the earth suffer through food shortages, extreme weather and social injustice.


Rev Evan Morgan, outgoing Moderator of PCW said: ‘A substantial amount of this money was raised during a walk I undertook last year around the church’s presbyteries and churches across Wales. People have been so generous, cementing our special relationship with Christian Aid. As my presidency comes to an end and the Rev Aneurin Owen takes over the helm, I feel uplifted that we have reaffirmed our commitment to global justice.

(Left to right: Cheryl Williams from Christian Aid Cymru , Rev. Andrew Sully Interim Head of Christian Aid Cymru and Rev. Evan Morgan, outgoing Moderator Presbyterian Church of Wales.)


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