Aberglasney set to host Dragon Bonsai Autumn Show

Aberglasney is set to host the Dragon Bonsai Autumn Show next month. The two-day event will include everything from advice to equipment for Bonsai tree enthusiasts and admirers.


The event will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 October 2023. The organisers, Dragon Bonsai Club, hope those with an interest in Bonsai trees, as well as those looking to have a Bonsai tree, will attend the free event.


There will be a Bonsai Tree Show and Bonsai trees for sale, as well as Bonsai tools and wire etc. One of Dragon Bonsai club members is a very talented ceramic artist and he will be selling some of his beautiful handmade Bonsai Pots at the event.


An open clinic will be available for anyone that has a tree and needs advice. Visitors can bring their own Bonsai trees and members of the Dragon Bonsai club will be happy to provide advice on care and offer ideas on styling. There will also be opportunities for anyone to have a go at styling a Bonsai tree.


Jim Stribling, Aberglasney’s Director of Operations, said, “We are pleased to host the Dragon Bonsai Club meetings each Sunday at Aberglasney and look forward to the Autumn Show being held in the mansion next month. We hope visitors to the Gardens will enjoy this unique Bonsai experience.”


Simon Evans, Chairman of the Dragon Bonsai Club said, “Following on from our successful spring show back in March we are now looking forward to holding our Autumn Show at Aberglasney. It is the perfect backdrop for our event. We hope that all those who enjoy the beauty of Bonsai trees will come along and visit us and possibly consider joining our club which meets weekly at Aberglasney.”


Entrance to the Dragon Bonsai Autumn Show is free of charge, however, normal admission fees to Aberglasney Gardens will apply. The Show will be open from 10am on both the Saturday and Sunday.


The Dragon Bonsai Club can be contacted directly via email: INFO@dragonbonsai-wales.uk

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