Cartoonist captures chaos of CVA’s and demise of retail industry

MARK Jennings usually pens cartoons for our popular features magazine The Carmarthenshire Times 

He has been busy this month and has produced a couple of new cartoons, one of which we thought we would share with the readers of Wales News Online.

It has been a tempestuous time for the retail industry with some of the biggest names on the High Street closing down. Meanwhile those small local business hang on with a terrier like grip to what they can without the perks and compromises given quite often to the big names. 

The demise has been blamed on us, the fickle shopping public and our desire to shop online rather than visit the local shops. 

The change of shopping habits has seen a rise in out of town massive warehouses for the likes of Amazon. 

A fleet of delivery vans are constantly arriving on our streets dropping off those products, which in many cases are a lot cheaper online. 

We think Mark has captured the essence of what retailers are up against. As some of the retailers who have profited from our custom now find themselves up against the wall and having to renegotiate rents and leases with off shore owners of shopping malls like Parc Trostre in Llanelli. 

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