Ceredigion wants to bring streets back to life

Ceredigion County Council wants to bring streets back to life in the county. A council spokesperson said:

Local businesses are invited to submit applications if they wish to trade outdoors in the towns of Ceredigion as we look ahead to the spring/summer season.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when restrictions remained on indoor trading, Ceredigion County Council made it possible for businesses to trade outdoors by utilising pavement space and allowing pedestrians to roam the streets safely.

Now that the restrictions have eased in Wales, there is no longer a need for such measures. However, many local businesses embraced the outdoor trading element which bought vitality and renewed energy to public spaces in Aberystwyth, Aberaeron, New Quay and Cardigan.

To maintain the vitality and boost Ceredigion’s economy, local businesses can now apply for an outdoor trading licence using the contact details below. Outdoor trading will not be permitted after the 31st March 2022, unless a new licence has been obtained.

Traders will need to specify the exact area they wish to occupy and this will determine their required fee. The application will be reviewed and consulted on to gather views and ensure there is adequate space on the footway to accommodate the proposal, without having a detrimental effect on pedestrian safety and access for all. The process could take up to 28 days.

Businesses who have previously been trading outdoors will also need to reapply for an Outdoor Trading Licence.

Councillor Rhodri Evans, Cabinet Member for the Economy and Regeneration, said: “Many traders embraced the opportunity to trade outdoors during the challenging period of the pandemic. Not only did the outdoor trading boost the local economy but it also bought renewed energy to the towns when it was needed most. We look forward to receiving applications from local businesses once again this year who wish to trade outdoors. This will help maintain our towns’ appeal for residents and visitors alike. So let’s bring the streets to life.”

There will be locations where outdoor trading will not be possible due to the lack of pavement space adjacent to the premises, without causing nuisance, obstruction and endangerment of others using the public highway safely.

Businesses who require further information can contact Ceredigion County Council via e-mail at clic@ceredigion.gov.uk or by calling 01545 570 881.

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