Demonstration in Aberystwyth honours 15,000 children killed in Gaza

TODAY (27th of April), a peaceful demonstration was held on the promenade in Aberystwyth. The demonstration was held in honour of the children killed in Gaza since the beginning of the Israeli offensive into the region following the October 7th attacks. Similar demonstrations have been taking place across the UK as well as in other countries like the US and Germany.

As part of the demonstration, 15 thousand pebbles were laid out along the length of the promenade in honour of the 15 thousand children who have lost their lives as a result of the conflict. Along the railings of the promenade, sheets with the names of the 15 thousand children were hung for passersby to read, along with information on the demonstration held from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

The main events took place outside the bandstand where Plaid Cymru and Aberystwyth Town Council had erected written statements on boards welcoming and supporting the event. Alun Williams, the Ceredigion and Aberystwyth Town Councillor said:

“Nothing can excuse the appalling attack by Hamas on the 7th of October. But the Israeli Government’s response has been completely disproportionate.

“As someone who has been to Gaza, I find it hard to imagine the places I visited and where I encountered such welcoming people living in very difficult circumstances have now been levelled completely with much of the population dead or starving.

“What appears to be the targeting of children and families amounts to a war crime. The cycle of violence must end. There must be an immediate cease-fire and action by the international community to find a solution that respects humanity on all sides.”

County Councillor Endaf Edwards added, “The UK Government must work to end this massacre.”

Statement from Plaid Cymru and letter sent to president Biden

Aberystwyth Town Council have issued a letter to the White House calling on President Biden to support an immediate and complete ceasefire in Gaza. In the letter, Aberystwyth Town Council said that no situation justifies violence against civilians.

Demonstrators gather outside the bandstand

“We propose that all held captive should be released immediately, creating channels for humanitarian aid such as food and fuel to be delivered to stop further carnage.”

Those at the demonstration today called on everyone to join them in agreeing that a sense of outrage is a normal response to the systematic, callous and deliberate murder of children. Present at the demonstration was Elin Jones, Llwydd of the Senedd who appeared in solidarity with the message to end the killing of children in Gaza.

The row of pebbles, which now extends the full length of the promenade, remains as a stark reminder of the level of bloodshed and violence in Gaza.

A bystander places a pebble at the end of the row
Names of children killed in Gaza
McDonald’s boycott
Boards show support for Palestinians suffering in Gaza
A large banner supporting Palestine drapes the railings
More names of the children killed in Gaza
Another list of names of Palestinian children
A banner calls for lasting ceasefire
A supporter reads the statement from Plaid Cymru and the letter issued to president Biden
A demonstrator walks the promenade bearing a Palestinian flag
‘Love Gaza’ reads the sign outside the bandstand

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