Eco Hub delivers free tree giveaway service to residents of Aberystwyth

TODAY (01 December) we spent some time at the Eco Hub in Aberystwyth where we saw members of the public come to collect their free trees as part of the Welsh Government initiative to get more trees planted in Wales.

Climate Minister Lee Waters has been passionately working to get this initiative out to more people across Wales calling it a “call to arms” to plant more trees across Wales to tackle climate change and improve air-quality and the mental wellbeing of families and individuals in Wales.

Outside the Eco Hub, Bath Street, Aberystwyth

The Eco Hub, open from 3 – 6pm today, saw a number of people approach the hub to collect their free tree before 3pm. It was a productive day for the Eco Hub staff who maintained a welcoming and helpful attitude throughout the afternoon.

A lady stands with her new tree which she said she will plant in her garden.

There was a positive attitude from all the people collecting toward the Welsh Government initiative. There were praises for the idea of planting more trees and creating a safer, greener future for the future generations.

The signing process for the tree helps the Welsh Government to receive feedback as to how the tree is fairing in its new home.

Kate Rolt pictured on the Eco Hub’s e-Trike.

We asked co-ordinator Kate Rolt some questions about the Hub:

If you are an Aberystwyth Resident and would like to collect a tree in person, the Eco Hub is located on Bath Street in the Arcade SY23 2NN.

You can contact the Woodland Trust by telephoning their team at: 0330 333 3300

or via email at:

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