Fake website offers 90% discount from Wilko

Fake websites purporting to be offering huge discounts for anyone buying online from Wilko have been operating and scamming shoppers.

The administrators for Wilko are now trying to get the websites shut down. Wilko has ended sales online and only offers goods in store.

People have been warned to stay away from the sites offering too good to be true bargains.

The sites operate and look like a Wilko branded site. Huge reductions on items lure shoppers who in turn are asked for their credit card details.

Shoppers will also receive emails looking like they came from an official Wilko source, but this is not the case.

Administrators have also been advised to accept a last minute rescue offer for the company. A bid which promises to retain employees jobs for two years and keep the majority of stores open is under consideration along with several other bids.

The only official Wilko website is www.wilko.com


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