Pembrokeshire business known for ‘tuk tuk’ tours hopes to be granted new signage for private hire vehicles

By Bruce Sinclair

A SOUTH Pembrokeshire business, known for its three-wheeler ‘tuk tuk’ tours is hoping a support vehicle will be able to have discreet signage for its “usually affluent” clients.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing sub-committee, meeting on March 27, is to consider an application to amend standard terms and conditions of a private hire vehicle.

The application, by Lorraine Niederlag of Begelly-based Tuk Tuk Time, is asking for standard external private hire plates to instead be displayed internally.

Private hire vehicles require that plates be prominently displayed on external bumpers, but a clause lists several options where this may be amended.

“This can occur in relation to vehicles producing chauffeur services or ‘executive hire’ as opposed to regular private hire short-haul bookings,” a report for members of the committee states.

The application for this change of plates asks: “We wish to request the removal of the large private hire licensing plates, in exchange for more discreet internal plates. The intention is to focus on tours that would compliment our tuk tuk tours.

“We tend to use the tuk tuks along the south coast only. We do not believe that the tuk tuks are suitable for whole day tours that would travel to North Pembrokeshire e.g. Solva, St Davids, Fishguard.

“Clients often request a whole-day tour experience and so either the conventional vehicle would be used for all day tours or for half-day tours following/preceding a tuk tuk tour.

“As our clients are usually affluent, it would be detrimental to arrive in a pre-booked vehicle with such a ‘taxi’ image. In view of all bookings being pre-booked, we cannot see any safety issues for clients by more discreet signage.”

It adds: “Tours will be the over-riding volume of business with our chauffeurs developing a professional, close relationship with clients and providing an outstanding experience.

“We are happy to attend the licensing committee meeting, so that the vehicle may be viewed.”

Members are to consider the application on March 27.

Tuk Tuk Time Limited,which started operating in 2019, initially had two traditional tuk tuk vehicles – imported from India.

Rainbow Delivery

During the pandemic, the company’s Tuk Tuks took on a new role as the Rainbow Delivery Squad, teaming up with local businesses to bring groceries, provisions, pet food, newspapers, prescriptions and takeaways direct to people’s doors.

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