Graffiti Art project used to prevent anti-social behaviour

A new community art project at Conwy Railway Station has engaged local students to help reduce trespassing on the lines.

In March, two new art pieces at Conwy station were completed by local graffiti artist Andy Birch in collaboration with students from Ysgol Aberconwy. The pieces cover the inside of two shelters at the station and are inspired by local heritage and culture.

The project was developed to encourage a sense of ownership of the station in the local community and respond to recent trespassing events. Conwy station was a hotspot for anti-social behaviour last year and a decrease in the amount of trespass has already been noticed.

Claire Williams, Community Rail Officer at Conwy Valley Railway Partnership, said: “The young people have absolutely loved it, it’s been amazing for them to get out of the school and be creative in the town.”

“We’re excited that we’ve been able to engage with them and create a sense of ownership over the station and the railway. We’re hoping, and there’s already been signs, that it will reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.”

Melanie Lawton, Community Rail Strategy Lead for Transport for Wales, said: “The pupils at Ysgol Aberconwy have been great and have been really involved in the project. For TfW, it’s important that our stations feel like a part of the community, and this work has really furthered that. It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to encourage this enthusiasm while also spreading vitally important safety information.”

Leyton Powell, TfW Safety, Sustainability and Risk Director, commented: “Transport for Wales is part of the community, and we positively interact through our stations, infrastructure, people and services. This is a positive however it’s important that we communicate to the public that trespassing on the Railway lines can result in devastating consequence. Trespassing is never worth the risk. It is both illegal and dangerous. This community outreach project is a great example of what TfW is doing to communicate and educate in an effective and collaborative way.”



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