Mudiad Meithrin respond to the Census

Following the release of Census results relating to the Welsh language, Mudiad Meithrin reiterates its belief that the childcare and education system should enable every child to grow as a confident Welsh speaker.

Dr Catrin Edwards, Mudiad Meithrin’s newly appointed chair said,

“For five decades Mudiad Meithrin has focused on creating and expanding opportunities for children to play, learn and receive care in Welsh. Despite this, for a number of reasons, only a minority of Wales’s children are able to take advantage of those opportunities.

More hard work is required – workforce planning, partnership working, investment, policy creation, promotion and legislation – to enable every child to become a confident Welsh speaker and to achieve the aim of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The Welsh Government has the perfect opportunity to work decisively but steadily to bring about the transformation needed with the publication of a White Paper on the Welsh Education Act in the new year”.

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