Mystery surrounds Deputy Minister’s decision to step down from role

LEE Waters MS has posted a tweet on X stating that he will be stepping down from his role as Deputy Minister for Climate Change. There is no other explanation for his constituents and the people of Wales. The Welsh Government Press Office said that it was “a tweet made in a personal capacity”.

So why is the man who has been hailed as ‘the most hated man in Wales’ on some social media platforms decided to step down from his role or why have the Welsh Government decided he should move?

There is no clear explanation for his constituents or the people of Wales. The tweet has already attracted hundreds of comments with many posting that they hope this is the end of his political career. Others have picked up on the unprofessional manner in which the announcement has been marked and the reference to Elon Musk.

Lee Waters MS oversaw the rollout of the controversial 20mph speed limit in Wales He announced his plan to step down in two weeks with the arrival of the new First Minister of Wales.

He also intends to close his X (formerly Twitter) account due to a ‘pile of malign’ comments he has received.

In a post on X, he stated, “Over the last 15 years I’ve spent far too much time on Twitter. It stopped being fun a while ago but I now get a pile of malign comments for even the most innocuous posts. When I leave my transport role in a fortnight, I’ll be deleting my account. Elon can shove it up his X.”

The Llanelli MS has taken a stance on road building, farming, tree planting, public transport and most famously the 20MPH changes.

In September 2023, Mr Waters faced a vote of no confidence in the Senedd, initiated by the Welsh Conservatives.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies MS responded to Mr Waters’ announcement, stating, “Motorists and business owners across Wales will breathe a sigh of relief at this news.”

“The Deputy Minister’s time in post has been characterised by one anti-motorist policy after another, slowing Wales down and doing serious damage to our economy.”

“It’s time to scrap the road-building ban, scrap the 20mph speed limit, and implement a transport policy that gets Wales moving.”

We have asked the Welsh Government for a statement from the Deputy Minister for his constituents and the people of Wales.


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