Owen Roberts appointed new Plaid Cymru Chief Executive

Plaid Cymru has appointed Dr Owen Roberts as its Chief Executive.


Owen currently works as a communications and external affairs specialist promoting Wales’s food and agricultural sectors and will begin his new role leading Plaid Cymru’s central office operations in the coming weeks.


Announcing the appointment Plaid Cymru Chair Marc Jones said:


“Owen has a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and ideas to increase support for Plaid Cymru and it gives me great pleasure in welcoming him to the role of Chief Executive. Owen is someone who has worked voluntarily at all levels of the party as well as spending a period of time working for an elected Member. He has a real understanding of the membership on the ground and I’m looking forward to working with him and the rest of the staff to develop the party in all parts of Wales.”


Ahead of starting in his new role, Owen Roberts said:


“I’m excited and honoured to be taking up the role of Plaid Cymru’s Chief Executive as the party approaches its centenary.


My mission will be not only to grow the party membership but also to motivate existing members to put on their campaigning boots and become activists in their communities.


As the Westminster parties continue to ignore Wales’s needs, it’s more important than ever that Plaid Cymru is working hard to broaden its support in all parts of our country.


I know that there is much to be done but I also know that Wales wins when Plaid Cymru is giving our communities the strong and compassionate voice they deserve.”


Welcoming the appointment, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price MS added:


“I am thrilled to welcome Owen to the role of Plaid Cymru’s Chief Executive.


“He brings with him a range of skills and experiences needed at this important time in Plaid Cymru’s history as we look to implement our new political strategy: broadening the party’s base of support in all parts of Wales, becoming a party of government, and securing independence for our nation.


“I look forward to working with Owen as we take this crucial work forward to secure the change needed to make a real difference to people’s lives across Wales – building a Cymru for All.”

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