Pembrokeshire Council leader hits back at call of no-confidence

PEMBROKESHIRE County Council’s leader has hit back at a no-confidence call in him, which will formally take place next month.

An Extraordinary Meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council, on May 18, will consider a Notice of Motion of no confidence in the Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, Councillor David Simpson.

The Notice of Motion was submitted by former leader Councillor Jamie Adams on behalf of the Independent Group.

The full wording of the no-confidence call by Cllr Adams is not yet known.

Lampeter Velfrey councillor David Simpson became leader in 2017, after leaving the-then ruling IPPG group after losing confidence in the way cabinet was being run by Cllr Jamie Adams, the leader at the time.


Cllr Simpson reacted to the no-confidence call.

He said: “I am proud to lead an ambitious administration that has, and continues to, deliver for the people of Pembrokeshire.

“It’s been this administration that’s supported Pembrokeshire emerging as a green energy capital of the UK, this administration whose relentless ambition for our county has delivered freeport status only a few week ago, and this administration that has the vision and determination to make our county the most dynamic, forward thinking and vibrant place it can be.

“I’m proud, that we have been open and accountable from the start and increased Budget engagement on an unparalleled scale. We’ve moved away from being dictated to on the day without scrutiny.

“A lot of what Cllr Adams identifies as failings are in the public domain because this administration is open and honest with its members and with taxpayers. You certainly wouldn’t have seen that level of engagement or openness when the ‘Independent Political Group’ led the council.

“We have brought democracy back into the Chamber and moved away from shabby deals done behind closed doors and from senior officers leading members by the nose, backed by the old and unaccountable Independent Political Group bloc vote.

“This administration can be proud that we have worked hard to sort out the finances, left in a mess by the IPG. We’re rebuilding council services, creating the infrastructure we need for the future, and regenerating Pembrokeshire’s economy; all of which the Independent Group neglected for 20 years and which they would jeopardise in the future.

“I don’t believe there’s any desire to go back to those days, either among my fellow councillors or more importantly amongst the public in Pembrokeshire.”

Cllr Simpson referred to a recent Wales Audit Report of February 2023, quoting: “The council has retained a stable financial position, including through achieving planned savings and additional Welsh Government funding, to maintain balanced budgets and has increased its useable reserves. But the council will need to develop a sustainable financial plan to address the substantial emerging pressures.”

Cllr Adams has been contacted for a statement.


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