Plaid Cymru responds to Ambulance workers rejection of Welsh Government pay offer

THE GMB Union has announced that Ambulance workers in Wales will strike again.


Plaid Cymru has responded to the news that the Ambulance workers who are part of the GMB Union have rejected the latest pay offer and will join mass strike action on Monday 20 February.


Responding to the news, Plaid Cymru’s Health and Care spokesperson, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, said:


“Paramedics across Wales have had enough. Their pay has been eroded, and they need more support through their employment terms and conditions. That’s reflected again in this rejection of the poor offer on the table by Welsh Government.


“Plaid Cymru stands in solidarity with our Paramedics. We know that to strike is the last thing they want, but they feel that they have no other choice.


“The Welsh Government must come back to the table and understand that there really is no greater priority than offering a fair settlement so we can start rebuilding health services, with the workforce at its heart.”

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