South Wales Police Continues commitment to anti-knife campaign

The #NotTheOne campaign takes an early intervention approach to knife-crime prevention, supporting trusted adults, including parents, teachers, police officers and youth workers, in educating 11 to 16 year olds on the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife.


South Wales Police and Police and Crime Commissioner, in partnership with Wales Violence Prevention continues its commitment to tackling knife crime in our communities.


The second phase of the campaign launched today (12 April), with additional resources to support conversations with children and young people about knife crime.


These resources have been developed following workshops and surveys with children, young people and professionals.


The new resources include:


A short film created by young writers from Cardiff Metropolitan University and developed and produced by 2 local writers;
An ‘In Conversation’ interview with a youth worker to give practical advice to parents/carers, professionals and to young people worried about knife crime or who are considering carrying a knife;
New content for the website;
Revised educational resources which reflect the new curriculum for Wales to better support education staff in having conversations with young people about knife crime.
Knife crime remains rare in South Wales; just 0.3% of 10-29 year olds carry a knife*. Recent data from the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and its partners indicate that over the last five years there has been 157% decrease in young people under 25 years being admitted to hospital in South Wales as a result of an assault related injury** and between October 2022 and September 2023 there has been a 53% decrease in young people (under 25 years) being admitted to hospital for a knife injury compared to the previous 12-month period***.

Superintendent Esyr Jones, South Wales Police said:

“These resources have been developed following workshops and surveys with children, young people and professionals who have used the campaign.


“It has been brilliant to see so many people engaging with us since 2022 and we know that education and early intervention is key to preventing knife crime in south Wales.


“Young people should be able to feel safe in our communities, and to have a childhood free from the fear of knives. Our communities have played a vital part in helping us deliver this campaign. The more young people we can educate on the dangers of knife crime, the more we can work towards a future free from knives.”


Dan Jones, Head of the Wales Violence Prevention Unit, said:


“Children and young people have told us that a key reason someone may carry a knife is because they think it will help keep them safe. In fact, the opposite is true, you are much more likely to get hurt by a knife – either your own or someone else’s – if you carry one yourself.


“With this campaign, we listened to children, young people and professionals, and developed resources which centred the solutions to knife crime suggested by children and young people. Thankfully, knife crime in South Wales is rare, but one knife crime incident is one too many, and by working together with professionals, children and young people, I am certain we can reduce knife crime even further.”


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