South Wales Police – Keeping Students Safe in Cardiff

South Wales Police is proud to represent and protect all communities that it serves.

Cardiff is one of the safest places to study in the UK, and we want to keep it that way.

Here are just some of the ways we are helping to keep you safe:

Plain clothes officers patrolling the city centre to prevent violence against women and girls by targeting suspicious individuals and those displaying unwanted sexual behaviour.
The Cardiff Student Safety Bus helps around 20 people each night & since September 2021 has taken more than 2,000 vulnerable people to a place of safety.

Events at LGBT+ venues in Cardiff city centre for the public and staff to report any tensions or concerns.
If spiking incidents are reported, we alert licenced premises to spiking methods and ask them to be extra vigilant. We have also given training to licenced premises to identify vulnerability.
We have the highest charged / summonsed rate for sexual offences across all 43 police forces in England and Wales.
Around 50% of our workforce is female. We encourage individuals from under-represented groups and communities to engage with our recruitment opportunities.
A dedicated Student Liaison Policing Team and Hate Crime officers.
The StreetSafe online tool allows you to pin-point locations where you have felt unsafe. Using that information, we direct our patrols and make improvements to infrastructure such as lighting and CCTV.
A committed team of police student volunteers work with us on crime reduction and prevention initiatives.

For more information on our Safer Students campaign visit

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