The Real Voice of Wales has spoken

The Real Voice of Wales has Voted Unanimously for Labour

The 2024 General Election has resulted in a landslide victory for Labour, with the party winning the majority of constituencies and eliminating the Conservative presence at Westminster in Wales. Plaid Cymru made a gain, taking four seats, while the Welsh Lib Dems won only one seat in Brecon Radnor and Cwmtawe. The Reform party, a new contender, gained popularity across the UK, with its candidate Gareth Beer coming close to defeating Labour’s Nia Griffith in Llanelli.

A day in politics can be like no other. A day in politics in 2024 has been extraordinary. Labour have bulldozed the Conservatives into a pile of rubble with the few remaining looking for a new leader. In Wales the story was of the complete elimination of an Conservative presence at Westminster as Labour took the majority of constituencies. It was a success of sorts for Plaid Cymru who took 5 seats. The Welsh Lib Dems took just one seat in Brecon Radnor and Cwmtawe.

With the changes in boundaries Carmarthen was the seat a lot of Welsh media had eyes on. Llanelli it seemed for some at least was a foregone conclusion. That seat also signalled what might be the birth of a new political part to rival the Conservatives as Reform came second in a number of constituencies. Reform Candidate for Llanelli Gareth Beer took a whopping 11,247 votes the closest margin for the time Nia Griffith has been fighting the seat. Nia Griffith got 12751 votes while Gareth Beer got 11,247. The turnout was particularly low at 57.13% for Llanelli and 61.88

The claims by the far right party UKIP were exaggerated at best and deluded at worse. Their candidate for Llanelli Stan Robinson did not even have the decency to take to the stage to to acknowledge the 600 people who had voted for him.

Former Labour MP Gwynoro Jones summed up the election results as “Amazing” He said: It has been historical at so many levels. Never been anything like it not just in my lifetime but for a century and more.”

The former MP posted on Facebook: “I can only repeat at this moment – with .@Keir_Starmer remarkable, historical victory as well as the .@LibDems success for best part of 100 years Wordsworth words over 1790s French Revolution. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,”

Gwynoro won the Carmarthen seat in 1970 taking it from Gwynfor Evans. Last night it was Anne Davies who took the seat for Plaid Cymru and she gave a nod to that historic win in 1966 for Gwynfor Evans and Plaid Cymru.

The story of the night may have been the Labour landslide but there will be those who will be looking over their shoulder and upping their game in readiness for the next general election as Reform became a popular party of choice for British voters.

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