West Wales’ Rivers Are Some of the Most Sewage Filled in the UK

An analysis of the sewage dumping statistics released by Welsh Water/Dŵr Cymru has revealed Ceredigion’s rivers are some of the most sewage filled in the entire UK. The stats have sparked an angry response from the Welsh Liberal Democrats who have accused the both Labour-Plaid Cymru partnership in Cardiff Bay and the Conservatives in Westminster of not doing enough to tackle the issue.

The latest figures paint a grim picture for West Wales, with Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, Preseli Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion all being in the top 10 constituencies in the UK for sewage dumping.

The figures for West Wales are:

· Carmarthen East and Dinefwr polluted by sewage 6,756 times in 2022, lasting 57,409 hours

· Preseli Pembrokeshire polluted by sewage 5,003 times in 2022, lasting 45,902 hours

· Ceredigion polluted by sewage 3,681 times in 2022, lasting 30,817 hours

· Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire polluted by sewage 3,563 times in 2022 – lasting 26,132 hours

· Llanelli polluted by sewage 1,840 times in 2022 – lasting 12,741 hours

The River Teifi, whose health has come under increasing concern in recent years, is also ranked the 9th most sewage polluted in the entire UK with sewage being dumped in the River for 11,801 hours last year.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated that the sewage releases are posing a serious risk to local wildlife and human health as well as potentially damaging the region’s tourism industry. They believe that the Welsh Government is not doing enough to tackle the issue and seeking to blame farmers for water pollution instead of taking action to hold Welsh Water to account.

They have also called for a ban on bonuses for water company executives and for the money to be reinvested in improving infrastructure. Over the last three years, the bosses of Welsh Water have received over £1 million in bonuses including almost £400,000 last year alone.

Commenting Ceredigion Liberal Democrat Leader and Aberaeron and Aberarth Councilor Elizabeth Evans said:

“It is tragic that Ceredigion has some of the most sewage-filled rivers in the entire UK. This issue is placing human health in danger alongside our wildlife and tourism industry.

“The Labour-Plaid Cymru partnership in Cardiff Bay has failed at every step to take this issue seriously.

“Now they expect the taxpayers to pay to clean up their mess while water company executives have spent years siphoning off money to pay themselves large bonuses.

“These large bonuses should be banned and the money reinvested into improving infrastructure. Dŵr Cymru is meant to be a non-profit.”

Adding her comments Mid & West Wales Senedd Member Jane Dodds said:

“It is desperately sad the state so many of our rivers now find themselves in, especially in the region I represent that contains many of the worst in the UK.

“Both major parties are failing the public abysmally on this issue. It seems like only the Liberal Democrats care about the health of our rivers and the wildlife they contain.

“The Welsh Labour – Plaid Cymru partnership is failing to take responsibility for sectors of the environment that are devolved to the Welsh Government.

“We need to see a much greater investment in improved infrastructure from the Welsh Government, yet sewage dumping doesn’t even seem to be on their radar, instead they seem intent on blaming farmers for our river’s poor health.”

“Meanwhile the Conservatives fail to ban these excessive bonuses when they have the power to do so. It just isn’t good enough.


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