Animal Search UK new alliance with RSPCA

From April 2022, Animal Search UK are proud to support a new alliance with a wonderful organisation, RSPCA.


Animal Search UK are the UK’s leading lost and found service for missing pets.


With over 20 years’ experience reuniting missing pets nationwide, Animal Search offer a completely free website with an unrivalled auto-matching service and a 24-hour customer advice line.


Additional services such as specialist publicity campaigns and a fully uniformed Missing Pet Search Team can be secured; often using your existing pet insurance policy.


Almost 10,000 pets where reported missing on Animal Search UK’s website in 2021 alone.


As of April 2022, Animal Search UK will be taking over all of the RSPCA’s missing pet cases.


This alliance is aimed at enhancing the existing database and reducing the time between pets going missing and being back with their families. Importantly, it endeavours to help owners navigate the process of reporting a pet missing during such a devastating time. Having an easy process with 24/7 advice on hand is essential, especially in times of stress.


Dermot Murphy, Chief Inspectorate Officer at the RSPCA said: “It’s devastating when a much-loved pet goes missing, so we’re really pleased to be partnering with Animal Search, who have been helping to reunite missing pets with their owners for the past 22 years.


“We hope that their free-to-use website – which means people don’t have to pay to register their pet as missing – together with their pet search teams and seven-day advice and information service – will result in more animals being successfully reunited with their owners.


“In the first instance, the RSPCA would always recommend that owners get their pets microchipped* as this gives them the best chance of being identified and quickly reunited with you if they become lost or stolen.”


With the rise in pet ownership having a knock-on effect in missing pet cases, Animal Search have launched a new campaign to help combat this alarming trend.


PetWatch is a new community intended to help protect the pets of your neighbourhood. Owners are encouraged to pre-register their pets BEFORE they go missing on the website at


By ensuring you are already registered should the worst happen, will provide you with the knowledge and contacts you need to drastically speed up the process and increase the chances of a successful reunion.


Andrew McNair from The Missing Pet Search Team said, “No one expects to lose their pet and even fewer people know what to do when the worst happens. The most important thing anyone can do when their pet goes missing is to build awareness and quickly. Time is crucial and that is why having services like ours readily on hand, is second to none.”


We hope that in working together, we can leave no area left uncovered by kind eyes. But we need your help.


Please help us to help others be reunited with their missing pets by sharing our message across all your online platforms so that we can reach as many people as possible. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your colleagues at work. Even tell the non-pet owners who still love animals as much as you.


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