Gwynedd Police target anti-social driving in Pwllheli

GWYNEDD officers are stepping up patrols to target anti-social driving in Pwllheli.

Regular high visibility patrols are taking place in the area during the evenings and overnight at hotpot areas of anti-social behaviour, including the Maes, the Cob and various car parks in surrounding areas.

Officers will deal with anyone found to be behaving in an antisocial manner or in breach of traffic related offences, including the use of warnings, fines, traffic offence reports or, if necessary, seizures and arrests. Roadside breath checks will also be conducted.

Sergeant Simon Barlow said: “We’ve received a number of reports from residents sharing their concerns around the manner of dangerous driving in the Pwllheli area.

“To deter further antisocial behaviour, we are dedicating the month of September to target these concerns and have set up extra patrols to tackle these issues.

“I would encourage anyone with concerns around anti-social behaviour in Pwllheli to report incidents to us.”

Anyone with information or who would like to report concerns can contact us via our website or by calling 101.


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