North Wales Police issue warning to businesses following reports of Cooking Oil thefts

We’re issuing a warning to businesses following reports of cooking oil thefts in Gwynedd and Anglesey.

We are seeing an increase in the theft and attempted theft of cooking oil across North Wales. Due to the energy crisis, fuels and oils are being targeted. Cooking oil (and waste cooking oil) are stolen as they can be sold on to make biodiesel.

Offenders often travel in transit style vans, where they can store large drums in the rear of the vehicle. Therefore, we are advising businesses to keep used oil safety locked up in a storage area until your known collector can collect.

We’re warning businesses to remain vigilant for suspicious activity and to report any incidents of theft or attempted theft of cooking oil.

Further advice can be found below:


Check Oil Levels

Make sure that you checkyour oil levels frequently.
Is it fluctuating betweenservice visits? Could this be dueto theft?
Look for containers which have anti-tamper systems and built-in locks.
Indoor containers are obviously the most secure. If you have to place the containers outside, opt for lockable boxes.


Install Lockable Fencing and Gates

Erect security fencing around the perimeter of your premises where possible. Regularly inspect for damage or signs of entry using CCTV, perimeter sensors or security patrols.
Lock and secure vehicle entrances and exits.
Wherever possible screen tanks from view from the roads nearby. Most thieves are opportunist, if they don’t know it is there, they will not try to steal it.


Monitored CCTV, Alarm Systems and Lighting
Consider monitored CCTV and alarm systems for your premises. Intruder alarms and CCTV should be installed by a Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed security installer.
Another consideration is an alarm system that will warn you if the oil level suddenly drops in your oil tank.
Lighting the area during the hours of darkness is a good investment. We recommend dusk till dawn lighting and you can install motion sensor lighting that comes on as trespassers enter the area, which could help deter would be thieves.


Be Vigilant
If you notice someone acting strangely around your property or causing trouble, don’t ignore it. Make sure you know how to report
suspicious behaviour.
Remember your personal safety should be paramount, if you feel at risk either stay securely in the building, or if necessary, contact police for assistance.
Make sure that your staff members and any security companies who control access to your service roads or back of house areas, know the name of the used cooking oil recycling service you use and have robust access control policies in place.
Also make sure they know how to safely handle the used cooking oil containers, as well as how to keep them secure.
Ask for ID if you believe people claiming to be contractors are suspicious.
Thieves can become aggressive and violent, do not approach them


Always Report Crime to the Police

Always report crime to police. This allows police to capture the data and understand the full scale of the crime, which in turn informs their resources and tactics to tackle it.

When a crime is taking place, dial 999 in an emergency. You can also report to the Police on 101 or alternatively, you can report online here.

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