Neglected poodles find their forever homes after RSPCA rescue

Poodles rescued from a poor environment overloaded with dog faeces and with severely matted coats have been transformed and have found happy loving homes.

Thirty poodle type dogs were in total rescued after they were found in an unsuitable environment where their owner also failed to provide grooming and vet care. Twenty-three dogs were signed over to the RSPCA and permission was given by the owner for the remaining seven dogs to be removed and boarded.

They were subsequently taken into RSPCA care and following a veterinary check were transferred to RSPCA centres, RSPCA branches, and five young male and one female poodles went to Greenacres Animal Rescue.

Many of the poodles have been happily rehomed, and following the conclusion of the court case the remaining seven dogs have been signed over to the RSPCA, meaning they can now be rehomed too.

RSPCA Llys Nini Branch had six of the poodles that can now be rehomed. They have been in foster homes and happily many of them are set to become their official owners.

Now named Bryn (pictured above following rescue) – one of the poodles is going to be adopted by his foster carer Helen.

“He has fitted in so well to our family that we all agree we should adopt him,” said Helen Morgan, who is from Gorseinon, Swansea.


“He is 10 years old and has only two teeth left but that doesn’t stop him eating! He is almost completely deaf, but the sweetest boy you could ever imagine.

“He loves his walks, he’s food oriented and will sit under the table when we are eating in case something falls on the floor! He loves fuss and is my shadow, he wants nothing more than a comfy spot on the sofa next to one of us and he especially loves a cuddle with our cat!”

Helen said Bryn has been a wonderful addition to their family and has helped her in so many ways.

“I have been diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia and was feeling very down. Fostering seemed like a good idea, and this dog has given me a purpose to get up in the morning, so even though you saved him, in his own way he has really saved me.”

Purdy is going to be adopted by Natalie who lives in the Rhondda Valleys.


Natalie Williams, who has been fostering Purdy, said sadly Purdy was one of the poodles that needed all her teeth removed.


“She has settled in so well,” she said. “She was a little overwhelmed and nervous at the start and didn’t like being touched much but now she jumps up for cuddles and takes over the sofa.


“She loves walks and can go for miles. She has another poodle brother called Lucky who is a rescue from South Korea and she loves to sleep next to him.”


While Maddie has been fostered by Hadeel Dart from Loughor, Swansea, who lives with her husband Rhys, daughter Nia and their other dog Lily.


“It took some time for Maddie to settle in and she was quite nervous and cautious when she first came to live with us,” said Hadeel, who is looking to become Maddie’s official owner.

“I feel that she has become more relaxed around us now and one of the nicest moments I’ve had since fostering Maddie, has been seeing her tail wag for the first time as she welcomed me home.

“Maddie is very curious and will follow us around the house to see what we are up to at all times. She also gets very excited and is full of energy when it’s time for a walk. She will literally bounce up and down when she sees us getting her harness out!

“Maddie is a very affectionate, sweet dog and as soon as one of us sits down, she will come and lie next to us for a nap. It’s been a pleasure having Maddie stay with us.”

The family is now also looking to officially adopt Maddie.

All thirty poodles have been rehomed or are with other rescue charities and RSPCA branches.

RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben said: “It is lovely to see these wonderful pictures of Bryn, Purdy and Maddie who are now living their best lives in their forever homes.

“We’d very much like to thank these dedicated foster carers for their support and it is lovely that these dogs are now going to be adopted officially.”

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