34th edition of Carmarthenshire Primary School’s Cross Country returns to Pembrey

THE 34th edition of the Carmarthenshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships returned to Pembrey Country Park for the second time on Thursday evening, 21st September 2023.

Organised by Carmarthen & District Harriers Athletics Club and supported by Carmarthenshire County Council/Actif Sport and Leisure and local club volunteers, the 2023 race was held at the local park situated between Burry Port and Kidwelly.

Prior to 2022, Dr Hedydd Davies had staged the event annually at the United Counties Showground in Carmarthen for three decades.

Several runners have highlighted this event as the start of their running careers that have led to professional contracts and representing Great Britain internationally.
In one of the biggest turnouts since its introduction, a total of 1,307 runners from over sixty Carmarthenshire primary schools competed at this year’s edition.

It gave youngsters in four primary school year groups the opportunity to get involved in running and enjoy the race experience alongside their school friends, whether they were experienced club runners or trying out cross country for the very first time.

Watched on by hundreds of parents, family members and teachers, eight races were on offer, with the year 3 and year 4’s completing 1km whilst the year 5 and year 6 races were over 1 mile.

Held on Monks Field within the park and next to the National Closed Cycling Circuit and Ski Centre, competitors ran along fast grass and hill sections.

Individual and team awards were presented to the first five in each race and the winning large and small school team in each year group (small school awards were introduced for the first time in 2023).

The recipients this year were

Ysgol Gymraeg Rhydaman / Ysgol Llangadog (Year 3),

Ysgol Y Dderwen / Ysgol Iau Llangennech / Ysgol Mynyddygarreg (Year 4),

Ysgol Y Dderwen / Ysgol Bro Brynach (Year 5) and Ysgol Iau Llangennech / Ysgol Bro Brynach (Year 6).

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to pupils on the podium.

Overall large school: 1 Ysgol Y Dderwen; 2 Ysgol Iau Llangennech; 3 Ysgol Nantgaredig

Overall small school: 1 Ysgol Bro Brynach

Thanks from the organisers go to all the club volunteers, St John Ambulance and staff from Pembrey Country Park for their assistance on event day.

Year 3 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 3
1. Ffion Jones (Carreg Hirfaen)
2. Eira Smith (Model)
3. Lauren Davies (Llangynnwr)
4. Koydee Marshall (Nantgaredig)
5. Bronwyn Simons (Gwenllian)
6. Mabli Hancock (Gymraeg Rhydaman)
7. Aylia Thomas (Llys Hywel)
8. Elan Davies (Gwenllian)
9. Anni Maloney (Gymraeg Rhydaman)
10. Non Edwards (Peniel)

Year 3 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 3
1. Caian Morris (Y Dderwen)
2. Iori Williams (Teilo Sant)
3. Macsen Evans (Gymraeg Rhydaman)
4. Oscar Prentice-Rhys (Pembrey)
5. Raffety Jones (Nantgaredig)
6. Bran Hampshire (Llangynnwr)
7. Lucas Evans (Gorslas)
8. Blake Williams (Model)
9. Thomas Morgan (Y Dderwen)
10. Noah Finley (Cefneithin)

Year 4 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 4
1. Jessica Newson (Swiss Valley)
2. Erin Jones (Carreg Hirfaen)
3. Liliana Evans (Iau Llangennech)
4. Soffi Morris (Y Dderwen)
5. Lois Noon (Gymraeg Rhydaman)
6. Evie Isaac (Swiss Valley)
7. Lilly-may Thomas-Patterson (Griffith Jones)
8. Farah Bowen (Llangynnwr)
9. Alys Tremlett (Nantgaredig)
10. Mared Rodgers (Ffwrnes)

Year 4 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 4
1. Ollie Evans (Nantgaredig)
2. Alfie Stopher (Gorslas)
3. Harri Griff Williams (Llangynnwr)
4. Llew Vaughan (Nantgaredig)
5. Kerlo Costelco (Model)
6. Aron Lewis (Llanddarog)
7. Harri Davies (Llanddarog)
8. Jacob Hall (Carreg Hirfaen)
9. Freddie Simpson (Llansteffan)
10. Gruffudd Tudur (Cefneithin)

Year 5 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 5
1. Zara Phillips (Llandovery College)
2. Arabelle Evans (Iau Llangennech)
3. Erin Davies (Llangynnwr)
4. Lyla Parkin (Y Bedol)
5. Erica Broom (Penyboyr)
6. Marley Grey (Iau Llangennech)
7. Blaze Key (Carway)
8. Florence Morgan (Llangadog)
9. Nila Davies (Llandeilo)
10. Lliwen Schiavone-Ifan (Y Dderwen)

Year 5 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 5
1. Steffan James (Y Dderwen)
2. Evan Morgan (Y Dderwen)
3. Elgan Murray (Y Bedol)
4. Thomas Fowler (Trimsaran)
5. Zyiah Onoh (Mynyddygarreg)
6. Macsen Fischetti (Llannon)
7. Macsen Davies (Y Dderwen)
8. Hunter Phillips (Griffith Jones)
9. Joseph Cole (Burry Port)
10. Will Burns (Bynea)

Year 6 Girls / Merched Blwyddyn 6
1. Gwenno Jones (Nantgaredig)
2. Emelia Matthews (Pontyberem)
3. Elsie Davies (Saron)
4. Emily Evans-Williams (Penygroes)
5. Lottie Adams (Gymraeg Rhydaman)
6. Freya Cleverley (Saron)
7. Dion Kathrens (Pembrey)
8. Bethan Hampshire (Llangynnwr)
9. Seren Jennings (Y Dderwen)
10. Ella-Rose Thomas (Iau Llangennech)

Year 6 Boys / Bechgyn Blwyddyn 6
1. Tyfi Purchase (Y Bedol)
2. Jasper Davis (Llandovery College)
3. Dylan Williams (Teilo Sant)
4. Tai Jones (Y Bedol)
5. Iwan Morris (Griffith Jones)
6. Jake Rogers (Bigyn)
7. Carwyn Nicholas (Y Castell)
8. Tyler Gregory (Bro Banw)
9. Tomos Roberts (Teilo Sant)
10. Dewi Edwards (Mynyddygarreg)

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