Punished for fresh air

Dear Editor, I expect you get these emails all the time. I don’t know if you want this story, but I’m at limits what to do.

I parked in cosmeston lakes just after they’d decided to now charge. I obviously didn’t look for parking machines as since when are we living in The Lorax movie.

I appealed they didn’t get back to me, next thing I’m getting recovery notices.

I finally managed to get hold of an email for the council who said it wasn’t to do with them I’d have to contact the recovery place. The number they gave me doesn’t work and the emails clearly state your account has been put on hold.

Imagine my surprise today when someone turns up asking for £394.

We are in the middle of a financial crisis to do this to people is disgusting, I have two small children, can only work when they’re in preschool no idea how we’re going to buy presents and this happens.

I don’t think we should have to pay for fresh air.
I don’t think that a council should ignore an appeal and just sent it on to debt recovery.
I don’t think a council should say your fine is on hold when clearly it’s not.

A what would have been a £2 ticket if I’d have known is now £394, I can’t fight a council clearly they have a hold over us. I can’t stand the lies or how the hell im going to pay this. I just don’t get how this can happen in this day. Last weekend when the rugby was on there was nowhere to park, my boyfriend had to literally park across the road from where we live and our permit didn’t cover it so he got a ticket.

It’s just so wrong they go on and on about how they want to help when really they’re just constantly trying to find ways to steal from us.

It’s corruption at its finest. What can you do when they can get away with it though.

I just want to warn other people.

Warmest wishes


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