Llanelli residents counting the days before a car lands in their parlour

It isn’t a riddle or some kind of joke. Residents of Sandy Road in Llanelli say they have real concerns that a car will actually land in one of the parlours of the homes along what has become one of the most polluted and gridlocked streets in Carmarthenshire.

Traffic Problems: Sandy Road

The latest incident saw a car plough through a wall narrowly missing the main frontage of the house before careering into another wall of a neighbouring property.

Residents have now said that the plans to remove frontages of homes at the Llanelli end of Sandy Road will heighten the danger to property and life.

Long time campaigner Ray Jones has argued for some time for an alternative route to run parallel with the railway line and he has also floated the idea of a third exit from the Stradey Estate onto an existing road. He claims his video (above) highlights what he calls ‘the lies’.

“The only thing separating the exit and the road is a wooden fence,” said Ray Jones.

He continued: “Atkins made excuses saying there was a river and drainage as well as a pylon as obstacles. As you will clearly see from the video I made, Atkins actually built over the river and drainage exists. The pylon is also around 50 to 60 yards away from where the two roads would link up so it really is a pack of lies peddled to avoid actually making the right decision for the residents of Sandy Road and the Stradey Estate. Of course there is the added uncomfortable fact that the mother of our local MS actually lives close to where that common sense exit would come out. It’s OK for us here on Sandy Road to choke on fumes but not for the other half. It really would be a joke if it were not so serious.”

Sandy Road Crash Scene

A resident who did not wish to be named said: “At 6.30 a.m. this morning the car hit the first house taking out the road sign missed the second and then ploughed into the third house. If they (the council) take the fronts away it would land in the parlour.”

Another resident said: “It will kill someone. There is some impact protection from the small fronts. When that’s gone look out. Anyone standing by the door will be dead. It will be dangerous if they take the frontages away they’ll have to have railings all the way along to protect pedestrians.”

Both the MS and MP have campaigned and attempted to get Carmarthenshire County Council to find solutions to the traffic issues. Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters has ruled out any form of bypass with Welsh Government also freezing future road developments. Traffic lights have not been a popular option and requests have been made for them to be removed. Lee Waters maintains that it is the county council’s responsibility to improve the traffic issues. 

Campaigning for a solution to traffic issues: Lee Waters MS and Nia Griffith MP

Ray Jones concluded by saying: “They (politicians) don’t give a toot. They have been elected and will have a great wage for a few years and live healthily peddling their whacky tree ideas to us while people get injured or die for the sake of a yard or two of tarmac. Lee Waters is only concerned with upping his career and protecting his favoured areas, his pet projects and his friends.”

Mr. Waters has been contacted for a comment.

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