5-year-old girl takes on extreme challenge to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospit

Seren, a 5 year-old girl is undertaking an extreme winter challenge to complete all three National Peaks in 48 hours to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospit:

At 5 years old I want to be the youngest person ever to attempt an extreme winter challenge of completing the National 3 Peaks in 48 hrs. I will be supported by my daddy attempting to overcome all obstacles and taking on the extreme weather elements that this challenge has to throw at us.

We will be leaving our home in South Wales on Boxing Day (26th December 2022) undertaking the 1000 mile round-trip drive starting with travelling up to North Scotland.

Shortly after arriving on the 27th of December, we will attempt to climb the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis (how far we get with this one will depend on the weather, but one thing is for sure we will have fun and take lots of pictures).

We will then spend the evening in a hotel before setting off early in the morning to the Lake District to attempt to summit the highest Mountain in England Scafell Pike. Once completed we will then drive to our homeland arriving in the early hours of the 28th of December to attempt to summit the highest mountain in North Wales, Snowdon (hopefully becoming the youngest girl ever to achieve an extreme challenge of this nature and completing this challenge in 48hrs).

We know it is an incredible ask to complete this difficult challenge but we are fully prepared and under no illusions on what we will be faced with (snowfall, high winds, poor visibility and temperatures below -18c). I have completed all the difficult mountains Wales have to offer in severe weather and have enjoyed every one of them!!! We understand that safety is everything and therefore, no risks to lives will be taken. That said, one thing we know is we will be leaving on Boxing Day and traveling up to North Scotland and that we will be attempting this challenge!!!!

WHY??? I want to do something incredibly special, raising much needed funds for this worthy cause because when I was a baby, I was provided special care and want other children to be given the same fortunate start in life!!

Seren last Friday evening at 7.30pm in the freezing temperatures undertook some final preparation training for this challenge getting used to the conditions she will face on Boxing Day. We are sharing with you as we thought you might like to know a heartwarming story this winter!!! (I have attached some pictures and video of that evening).

Throughout the challenge we will be keeping live blogs posting on social media progress reports. And below is her just giving page for further details:


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