Jane Dodds calls Welsh Government to ‘Stop sticking his head in the sand’ as figures on Cancer Treatment wait times published

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS has called on the Welsh Labour Government to “stop sticking his head in the sand” as figures published today show that cancer treatment waiting times remain stubbornly high.

Just 53.3% of referrals started treatment within 62-days, significantly below the target of 75%. Not a single health board in Wales met this

Jane Dodds MS said:

“Month after month we are seeing the Welsh Government miss this target, the continued decline in cancer waiting times is intolerable. Labour has to stop sticking his head in the sand and get on with resolving this crisis.

“Both cancer patients and staff are being failed by this Labour Government. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to the chances of survival.

“The Welsh Government needs to urgently get a grip of cancer care and treatment and publish its Cancer Action Plan.”

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