Moments in Time – Stronger Together

To align with the GLOBAL Intergenerational Week 2022, the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) in collaboration with the Welsh Cross Party Group (CPG) on Intergenerational Solidarity launched a competition to tackle ageism and promote the benefits of connections and friendships made across different generations in Wales.

Research states that activities that bring different ages together to take part in meaningful and engaging activities can reduce social isolation, improve older adult’s health, and increase children’s confidence and understanding of ageing and dementia (Welsh Government, 2019; Houghton et al, 2022).

The entries of the photo competition were judged by a panel of representatives from the Cross-Party Group, Older Person’s Commissioner Office, Youth Parliamentary group and CADR representatives. Delyth Jewell MS will announce the winners at the Senedd event, which will bring together leading advocates for Intergenerational practice. The event will discuss the benefits of fostering understanding between generations building mutual respect, compassion and tackling ageism. A selection of the images will be on display at the Senedd before they tour the seven Amgueddfa Cymru – national museums in Wales to encourage a greater understanding of the benefits for all ages to share experiences.

“Intergenerational connections offer a wealth of benefits to all concerned,” said Professor Kieran Walshe, Director of Health and Care Research Wales who support CADR. “Bringing generations together not only helps provide solutions to health and social issues experienced by the ageing population, it also moves the needle towards mutual understanding, knowledge sharing and a more equitable society where everyone is included.”

South Wales East MS Delyth Jewell said:

“Both younger and older groups can often feel marginalized and cut off from decisions that are made on their behalf, so both groups will benefit if they join together to speak with one voice. We must also keep in mind that both groups suffered disproportionally during the pandemic, having to deal with loneliness and losing out on crucial human contact. I believe that relationships between generations enrich society – they matter and should be strengthened, because we all have so much to learn from each other’s experiences. It’s been a really heart-warming and enriching experience to chair the Senedd’s Intergenerational Solidarity Group, and I’m delighted to be announcing the winner of our competition, which we launched in order to tackle ageism, promote understanding between different age groups, and which has led to the creation of beautiful photographs.”

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