Council to pay for Bowling resurfacing as damage deemed not as result of temporary field hospital

The bowling surface at the Selwyn Samuel Centre will have to be replaced and the cost will be shouldered by Llanelli Town Council.

At a meeting of Llanelli Town Council on October 17th councillors were told that the surface had been damaged as a result of the field hospital and that the surface had been replaced. Following inspection by another architect it was reported that the damage was not caused by the field hospital and that the cost of resurfacing again, would be borne by the Town Council.

Details of the meeting are as follows:

In accordance with the provisions of Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972
and Section 47 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 the
was held REMOTELY and at the Selwyn Samuel Centre, Park Crescent,
Llanelli on Monday, 17th October 2022 at 6.55 p.m.
PRESENT: Councillors A.S.J. McPherson (Chair), S.A. Curry (Vice-Chair),
A.R. Bragoli, A.A. Carter, J.R. Elliott, S. Greaney, J.E. Jones,
A. Lochrie, N.J. Pearce (Deputy Town Mayor), B.A.L. Roberts, P.T.
Warlow (Town Mayor).

Further to Minute No. 2 of the Committee meeting held on the 26th July 2022, members
considered a report prepared by the Town Clerk on the work which had completed by
Dales Sport during September (copies having been previously circulated to members).
As the original bowling surface had been damaged during its use as a field hospital Dales
Sport had replaced the bowling surface which was to be funded by the Hywel Dda
University Health Board.

On removal of the original surface, it was discovered that the expansion joints to the
concrete slabs had failed, meaning that the new surface could not be laid without the
playing condition being compromised.

The Town Council Consultant Architect inspected the area and advised a full removal of
the defective areas and re-mortar. A contractor was therefore sought with the labour
available to undertake this work on an urgent basis in order for Dales Sports to be able to
complete their works.
– 3 –
TAD Builders LTD were instructed to undertake the works at a cost of £9,261.03, the
Consultant Architect advised that the necessary works were not the result of the NHS use
of the facility, meaning the cost will need to be borne by the Town Council.
RESOLVED – that the report be noted and that the actions taken be endorsed and

Further to Minute No. 3 of the Committee meeting held on the 26th July 2022, members
considered a Tender Report prepared by the Consultant Architect (copies having been
previously circulated to members).
The external areas surrounding the Selwyn Samuel Centre Indoor Bowling Stadium
have been subject to deterioration and vandalism. This includes steps, ramps, plinths,
window surrounds etc together with graffiti sprayed on brickwork walls. It has been
deemed necessary to undertake the repairs to prevent further deterioration.
Tenders had been requested and returned by Friday, 16th September 2022, with five
Tenderers having been invited to quote with four having been returned, as follows:
1. M Hiorns Building Contractor – £25,750.60 plus VAT
2. Vaughan Construction Ltd – £30,372.66 plus VAT
3. TAD Builders Ltd – £34,464.30 plus VAT
4. Lewis Construction Ltd – £33,561.82 plus VAT
RESOLVED – that the report be noted and the works be delayed until next year when
it can be included in the consideration for the budget for the Selwyn Samuel Centre.
The Meeting concluded at 7.00 p.m.

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